A product from Hauts-de-France

Born in the Lille metropolis, CleanHit ® is about to conquer France and its neighbors to become everyone's cleanliness reflex.


Cleaner, disinfectant and virucide for toilet seats.

How do you know if the board is clean? However, we will have to settle down.

To clean, disinfect and quickly refresh the glasses in small corners, use the CleanHit ® reflex!

Up to 75 uses per bottle.
We feel better there. Enjoy

The CleanHit® power


Travel Friendly

By plane, by train, by bus...

Up to 75 short breaks

Extremely simple

Quick to use

2 sprays, a few seconds of waiting

A swipe of paper and HOP!

Environmentally friendly

Glass, paper and aluminum

100% sustainable

100% recyclable

Where to use it?

Whether you use it in the office, at the cinema, in a restaurant or while traveling, CleanHit ® is your ally away from home.

In your pocket or bag, it will save you from stressful moments.